• Brows your site

    Brows your SharePoint site as you have never done before. With this unique interface, you have an overview of Sites, Sub-sites, Lists and Folders.

  • Get more information

    Get more property information about your site, lists and items.

  • Import your file system

    Import your file system folders and items into SharePoint document libraries.

  • Migrate your SharePoint

    Start migrating your SharePoint documents from a desktop anywhere.

Graphcon Desktop. The ultimate tool for your SharePoint environment

Graphcon Desktop is the ultimate tool to manage and navigate your SharePoint Farm. Besides the standard functionalities, you will be able to add and extend your own custom features without affecting other functionalities. Also, you will be able to add and extend your custom services such as CRM browsing.

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Edit meta data

Edit your meta data like no other. Apply meta data to all items in a SharePoint folder or list.

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Import file system items

Import your items into SharePoint lists and folders. Experience the convenience of Windows Explorer in SharePoint.

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Migrate sharepoint items

Migrate your SharePoint lists definitions, view definitions and items from A to B in a second.

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Explore your sharepoint farm

Explore your SharePoint Farm like no other. View item properties and delete orphaned objects safely.

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